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Whale shark expeditions

Whale shark at Richelieu rock.

Who wouldn’t like to see the biggest fish on earth.

similan Dive Center is offering 3 , 4 or 5 days liveaboard trips which includes the best dive site in Thai Land : Richelieu rock.

For more information, please check out the liveaboard options or write us at info@similandivecenter.com

Diving with whale sharks
Whale shark at the Andaman sea

Get up close | Similan Dive Center lievabaord trips

Ruchelieu rock liveaboard trips
Diving with manta ray

Richelieu rock is know as one of the best places to dive with manta rays and whale sharks.

Similan Dive Center is offering liveaboard trips to Richelieu rock 

Check out the best liveaboard options or contact us at info@similandivecenter.com